The Development of Websites pursues the Goal to Build an Integral Website Solution on the Internet from its Startup. This comprises the following stages:
» Information Gathering
» Analysis
» Acceptance
» Start-up ( Graphic Design, Programming, Database Building )
» Testing
» Approval
» Training
» Launching


This Service involves the Administration of an already existing Website including the Addition of new Functionality, if required. This stage comprises:
» Control Panel
» Logs Monitoring
» Backups
» Webmaster Interaction
» Statistics
» Changes

Consulting Services

It consists of offering an Advise to a certain Client's Problematic or a Query determined on its Website:
» Information Gathering
» Analysis
» Implementierung
» Approval
» Launching

Domain Registration

Domain Registration must be effected at the corresponding entities (e.g. if the domain is .ar, must be registered at the Argentine Chancellery free of charge) so that the Web Site will be available to users..